Youth Programs

Demonstrations, one-time glass experiences, and extended 6-8 week glass art classes are available to schools and organizations. TGS’ youth programming includes an introduction to kiln-fired glass and molten glass. Class size may range from 6 to 25 students. They will learn teamwork, discipline, effective communication both expressively and receptively, the importance of being flexible in a team environment, the need to remain focused and on task for an extended period of time, and coping strategies when faced with disappointment.

As they experience the art of glass, they will begin to hone their skills creating individual pieces that are theirs to keep. TGS staff members are available to teach and manage the project under the direction of the TGS Program Director. Students learn to work together to assist each other in completing projects. Each role that a student takes has a level of skill development that must be achieved to accomplish assigned projects.

"Glassblowing changes lives," says Lorraine McReynolds, Program Director at TPS Street School. "The students who have had the opportunity to experience glass art show improved performance at school."

Currently, TGS is working with the following programs:

  • TPS Street School
  • TPS Phoenix Rising (funded by Arts and Humanities Council of Tulsa)
  • TPS MET Middle and High School
  • Salvation Army Mabee Red Shield
  • City of Tulsa Community Parks Summer Programs
  • Zarrow Arts and Education Center
  • Day Springs Summer Program
  • San Miguel Middle School
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Girl Scouts of Northeast Oklahoma